12,000 Series

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The Metropoulos Amplification 12,000 Series accurately replicates early 1968 era Marshall 100 watt Superlead and Superbass amplifiers with serial numbers in the 12XXX range. Just like original Marshalls, the 12,000 Series offers a more aggressive sound than the earlier 10,000 Series plexi. Special construction details include authentic reproduction birch headcab, perforated turret boards and a 12XXX serial number.

The aggressive tone is very midrange focused. Dime everything and you are in "brown sound" heaven. Hit the Virtual Variac™ for even more saturation and spongy feel. The 12,000 Series is also very versatile, anything most classic Marshalls can do you will hear in this amp. Tones from countless albums came from the original 1968 Marshall Superleads and they can all be re-created with our amplifier, including the legendary 1977 debut record from a certain guitar god.

$3000 + Shipping built to order, lead time approximately 12 weeks.
Start your build with just a $500 deposit using the PayPal button below.

As used by:

  • Eddie Van Halen


  • CNC stamped 16g steel chassis
  • Dagnall replica transformers
  • Allen Bradley NOS carbon comp resistors
  • SoZo Vintage signal capacitors
  • Era correct head cab and aesthetics
  • Reverse screened Plexiglas control panels
  • "Virtual Variac"™ high voltage switching*
  • Authentic perforated terminal boards
  • Mullard reissue 12AX7 and EL34 tubes
  • Vintage correct layout and construction
  • Superbass or Superlead specs

*Virtual variac switching is incorporated into a three position standby switch to retain vintage accurate layout and appearance. In the center position the amp is in standby, in the up position the amp operates normally (approx 495V), in the down position the amp delivers only 400V to the tubes. This is to simulate using a variac set to 95V AC input.